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Bits: Fractional part of Bitcoin (1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 bits). Used as unit for betting.
BitcoinSpin is the world’s slickest Bitcoin betting site.
Cannon Satoshi, Farm Satoshi, Coin Plants, Faucet Birds, etc… All of those sites are either gone completely or fail to process a withdrawal requests. I’ve submitted ones on the few sites that still maintain a page as if they’re still active faucet games but most say it’s processed and never do or just spit out an error and ask you to come back later. I tried all the ones I named above and while they were fun while they lasted, they’re pretty much dead now. Some still have the pages up but refuse to process withdraw requests while still generating ad revenue from unsuspecting visitors. It’s lame but pretty much expected when most BTC sites are ponzi schemes anyway.
The minimum deposit amount is 10,000 bits. Deposits will be processed everyday at 00:00 GMT. Before your deposit processed you will not available to withdraw.
Game of skill with Bitcoin tournaments every 5 minutes. Endless runner game with events and achievements that add to your in game wallet.
BITKONG MAY SUSPEND, TERMINATE, MODIFY OR DELETE ACCOUNTS AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON OR FOR NO REASON, WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU. Accounts terminated by BitKong for any type of abuse, including without limitation a violation of the Terms of Service, the Game-specific Rules, will not be reactivated for any reason. For purposes of explanation and not limitation, most account suspensions, terminations and/or deletions are the result of violations of these Terms of Use, or Game-specific Rules. BitKong may stop offering and/or supporting the Service at any time.
Dont give a poop about registration You say, “No bananas
You always wanted to have a yacht? Yea, who doesn’t?
The User must not deposit Bitcoins to the address provided by BitKong from a shared wallet or any other address not solely controlled by the User, as any amounts sent back to the initiating address may not be properly deposited to the User. The User must not withdraw Bitcoins to a shared wallet or any other address not solely controlled by the User as any amounts sent to such address may not be properly credited to the User.
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Three spin every 30 minutes, every ten time you claim your btc you got frenzy mode where your coin spin x5
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• individuals accessing the Service from jurisdictions from which it is illegal to do so.
If you’re looking for a fast, easy and secure way to buy Bitcoins with PayPal, VISA and Mastercard then look no further XCoins is the quickest way to exchange Bitcoins with built-in Lending platform to earn interest on your Account.
Faucet available only when your balance less than 10 bits.
Earn free bitcoins by playing this fun game.
Service: Providing access to the Game managed by BitKong within the Website.
Description: Birdsbit and Frogbit follow the same principle you have ten rows from top to bottom. Your Goal is to choose your way to the bottom without hitting an enemy and get as far as you can. These faucets can be used every 10 minutes. At every 20th round you get a super game where you can make much higher earnings. Earnings are different how far you get probably around 5 to 200 satoshis in a regular round.
We developed a few simple cryptographic games using our secure payment and wallet service where you are the king of your cash.
Find all the best Bitcoin mining information on Mining Rigs, Solo-mining, Mining pools and other Bitcoin mining networks.
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All of our users enjoy visiting, playing, earning and chatting with each other in the chatbox. GameFaucet has one of the strongest user communities of any Bitcoin Faucet.
Slots, blackjack, roulette, dice, table games, video poker and jackpot games.
We take pride in how we design our Faucets, with our site design as a top priority. No ad-filled pages with non-contrasting colours, no useless text, no complex page layouts or pop-ups appearing when using GameFaucet and our games.
Difficulty level: BitKong has 3 levels of difficulty (Easy, Medium, Difficult).
Please keep in mind we are in beta version and more games are coming soon Smiley
• Your breach of this Agreement, in whole or in part,
Check out There is a mmo flappy bird game which pays in bitcoin The site also has a regular faucet.
Unbiased bicoin casino guide providing detailed reviews and recommendations for bitcoin gamblers.
8BitMMO is a construction sandbox game where users are free to build anything they like in a massive persistent universe. Players create towns, dungeons, arenas, huge statues, pixel art, and anything else they can imagine.
Bet: Amount of Bitcoins(bits) User is willing to set for a single game (ticket) at BitKong.
Owner, Editor, and lead writer for Cryptorials.
Draws every 5 minutes, 3 hits = 100 BTC, 2 hits = 10 BTC and 1 hit = 4 BTC, 100% Welcome Bonus, 10.000 sts REWARD FOR EVERY DRAW, Free Dice to multiply your bets and Zero-Trust system from a public lottery number anyone can check
to get better so we can add more offers and features.
What I really want is a civilization game that will allow bitcoin withdrawals to my wallet key.
In no case shall BitKong be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, punitive or consequential damages arising from your use of Service.
• Wagerr Decentralized Sportsbook: ICO Crowdsale; ‘Be The House’ Oracle Opportunities – May 25, 2017
The first iOS game that lets players earn real Bitcoin referral rewards for sharing the game with friends.
While the game is free to play, premium currency can be purchased for optional nice to have items such as in-game hats. The game has just added Bitcoin as a supported method for acquiring this currency.
Claim every 5 minutes, 50% referral commission
You can get about 3 prizes(high,medium,low) or nothing at a field.