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Once again, guard until you’re asked to bet. This time, bet for a higher payout as you’re guaranteed to win if you sent someone to shoot the lid. It does not matter how you bet, you’ll win regardless. EditFight Fight
• Persona 5: Okumura Palace dungeon, Spaceport Palace boss
There are two ‘games’ on this floor. The first is a dark maze called The House of Darkness and the second is a battle arena. Both are much more difficult than the previous floor’s games and require skill over luck, but their payout is much greater. Before doing either, make sure to get the safe room on this floor EditHouse of Darkness
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Start off by talking to the dealer behind the counter about the games on this floor. You will get a gift of 1,000 coins and a map of the area as well as some intel on how to get to the Manager’s Floor.
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• Roulette Time: Spins the roulette table.
• Persona 5: October events and activities
• Your Persona compendium will also carry over.
• Persona 5 Confidant, Social Link and romance options, their locations and gift ideas
You can obtain the following Personas in this Palace: Ose ( Fool), Rangda ( Magician), Queen Mab ( Magician), Kikuri-Hime ( Priestess), Unicorn ( Hierophant), Kushinada ( Lovers), Power ( Justice), Kumbhanda ( Hermit), Norn ( Fortune), Valkyrie ( Strength), Orlov ( Strength), Ganesha ( Sun) EditInfiltration
• Persona 5: Final dungeon puzzle solutions, final boss strategy
Hop down into the next room and you’ll now have to decide between a path to the south right near where you land and a path to the south-east. The path closest to where you land will simply lead to a treasure chest. The path further along to the south-east will take you onwards.
• Persona 5: August events and activities
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When you’re ready, head through the south-west door in the lobby to go to the slot machine area. EditSlot Room
When you get her down between one-quarter and one-third of her health and then down between half health and two-thirds, she’ll use Roulette Time to spin the roulette table. Once again, do not attack her when the table is spinning unless you are willing to lose all but one of your health. For the bets, we found that the table rolled to 20/Black and 24/Black, but it could be random.
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• Persona 5: Futaba Palace dungeon, Pyramid Palace boss
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You will automatically go to the elevator next so that you can go up to the High Limit Floor. EditHigh Limit Floor
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Head north from where you entered and you’ll see a small vent in the wall that you can crawl through. Go through and progress further when opted to. EditStaff Passageway
• Persona 5: September events and activities
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• Confidant stats affect your ability to craft Personas, your squadmates’ passive abilities in combat, and options for romance. These are levelled up by interacting with people in the overworld, but some interactions will require a particular level in one of the overworld stats.
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Buy the card from the dealer and you’ll then have to face off against a strong Shadow. The Final Measurer, also known as Norn ( Fortune), has no weakness and resists almost everything except Electric, Psychic, Physical, and Nuclear. Though it’s formidable, it should be no match for you, especially if you have strong physical attacks or ones with high critical hit rates.
Our Persona 5 walkthrough will highlight everything you should look out for on the critical path, while this Persona 5 guide page as clue you in on the many side activities and social interactions you may want to make time for throughout the year. Persona 5 walkthrough
Right when you go past the door, past the blue flashing square that you walk through, there will be a split in the path. The path straight/to the left will lead you to the exit while the path to the right will lead you to treasure.
Special attacks are mostly elemental in nature – fire, wind, ice, lightning, radiation, bless, and curse – and most enemies will be weak to at least one of these. Tougher enemies may have no weaknesses, though, and may also be resistant or immune to certain types of damage and in some cases may even reflect the damage back.
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You’ll be in another passageway meant for the staff of the casino. Follow the path until you have the option to go up a staircase or down a hall to the west. The path to the west will lead to a chest, but you’ll want to go up the staircase to progress.
Once in the room that is lit, head through the door on the west wall.
You must do this game first. It costs 1,000 coins to enter. Inside the labyrinth are a lot of Shadows and no visibility, so prepare for a lot of fighting. Get the safe room before heading in. It is the longer of the two games.
You’ll now have two choices: Either go face the powerful Shadow at the top of the stairs you just passed head on or sneak around behind it. To sneak by it, you need to only go to the north and climb up the green crates. At the top, you’ll find a vent you can crawl through. You can always go back and take on the Shadow at a later point if you so wish. Additionally, if you take on the Shadow by going through the doors behind it, you can ambush it You need to defeat this Shadow to progress in the Palace.
If it Concentrates, equip a Persona with an Electric resistance (or better) as it’s about to use Ziodyne, a heavy Electric skill. Just like before, it will wait a turn after using Concentrate before attacking you.
Most will require at least three visits – an initial investigation, a full exploration, and a return for the boss fight – but some may require more. Once one is completed you can’t revisit it, but you can return as many times as you like before then, so make sure you get everything you need
• Persona 5 Fusions – how to create the best possible Personas in the Velvet Room
Each member of your party has a basic melee attack and a ranged attack with a limited number of shots, and the damage deal by these is dependant on the characters level and the weapon they use.