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• Chroma key, a method to superimpose several video layers using areas of a defined color as a mask
Find out about your main rights and repsonsibilities as a Key housing tenant.
• ‘Figuring they’d be arguing for awhile, she just pulled the keys out of the ignition and leaned back across the seat, looking her son in the eye.’
• ‘Dr Bracken said the key to providing a good service was time – and that was often in short supply.’
• I heard someone turn a key in the lock.
Many local authorities and multi-academy trusts (MATs) are partnering with The Key for School Leaders to support their schools and drive efficiency savings. We can tailor our approach to suit your requirements, whether you wish to fund, subsidise, or facilitate access for schools. Get in touch to find out more about how we might be able to work with you.
• ‘Threats of police action to obtain the clock winding key were made recently.’
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• Press and hold down the control key while you press ‘9’.
• ‘She’s selling singles by new/unsigned bands she’s discovered to people who are already keyed into her tastes and likes.’
• 1.2 An instrument for grasping and turning a screw, peg, or nut, especially one for winding a clock or turning a valve.
company number 1938 R (S) and with the Scottish Housing Regulator, registration number 141.
• ‘Here, though, they’re wavering, sliding in and out of key.’
• ‘Everyone was keyed up and had been worrying about my safety in getting from the station to the house.’
• 2.1 A lever depressed by the finger in playing an instrument such as the organ, piano, flute, or concertina.
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• 2.2 A lever operating a mechanical device for making or breaking an electric circuit, for example in telegraphy.
• ‘The Venezuelans should be here any minute and this lobby full of reporters is keyed up and ready to pounce.’
• Key (lock), a device used to open a lock such as in a door
• ‘This symbol may come in the shape of a broach, lapel pin, medallion, anything imaginable, but it is keyed to its owner and allows them certain abilities.’
• ‘There are also moments when the emotional responses of key characters in key situations completely fail to ring true.’
“The sample policies you have provided are brilliant and will save me and my headteacher a lot of time – time we can allocate to other areas of school life.” Next
• ‘Her fingers stilled on the keys as the piano strings stopped their vibrations and the lounge was silent again.’
• ‘A cotter key fits in the two holes I drilled at the bottom and holds it open or shut.’
• ‘Before discussing our findings, it is important to consider key limitations of the study.’
• ‘I was hoping that there might be something in there that would key me into the problem.’
• ‘Lilly was too keyed up to pay attention to Heather’s doses of sarcasm.’
• ‘Alysha took the keys out of the ignition and locked the car.’
1 Enter or operate on (data) by means of a computer keyboard or telephone keypad.
He turned the key twice in the lock, and threw the portals open.
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• ‘As she sang, her back straightened up and she resumed her normal regal posture as her fingers pounded the keys of the piano in front of her.’
• ‘He heard the light tapping of keys, and opened his eyes to find that Dan was sprawled on the floor, working on his laptop.’
• ‘In the recovery room and three theatres, the drugs cupboards had been opened using force and the metal cupboards inside had been opened with keys.’
• Key (electrical), mechanical component in a plug and/or socket which prevents mating except with a correctly oriented matching connector
• ‘I mean, people singing along to songs, even horribly out of key, is better than groups of people talking loudly in some sort of strange choir.’
• Cay, also spelled key, a small, low-elevation, sandy island formed on the surface of a coral reef
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2 Each of several buttons on a panel for operating a computer, typewriter, or telephone.
4 Word (an advertisement in a periodical), typically by varying the form of the address given, so as to identify the publication generating particular responses.
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• ‘Burke comments in a more sombre key that ‘We may have spent several centuries not seeing the wood for the trees’.’
• ‘Child psychologists are being brought into a borough’s schools in a bid to pull up performance in key tests and exams.’
• ‘In particular, the size of the local catchment area will be key.’
A1 a piece of metal that has been cut into a special shape and is used for opening or closing a lock, starting a car engine, etc.:
• ‘Do it until a single word or image is enough to key you into that state of being – emulate Pavlov’s dogs.’
• ‘In the background, as I pound away at the keys on my computer, the second half of the Sunday-night Bucs-Bears game has just begun.’
• ‘Along the same line are the T-shaped hex tools with vinyl grips and L-shaped keys for greater torque power.’
• ‘Still of key importance, the zone remains staffed by eight dedicated professionals.’
• ‘I put everything back in the bag, grabbed my keys out of the ignition, locked the doors, slung the bag over my shoulder and waited.’
• ‘It later serviced the local textile industry, but then found a niche with the water industry, making valve keys for reservoirs and water mains.’
TAG (The Advisory Group) was set up by KEY in 1996 to enable people with learning disabilities to have a stronger voice in the services they use and their local communities. In 2012 TAG became an independent charity (SCIO) and is now run by its members, all of whom are people with disabilities.
• ‘But they paid the price for conceding too many penalties and making too many basic errors in key situations.’
• ‘Make no mistake, I’m fully keyed into the instant world.’
In special cases, membership may be extended to other organisations
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• ‘Rather than being keyed to clinical care it is keyed to other activities that the university wishes, such as academic things (especially peer reviewed papers).’
• ‘Now he reached for the keys, turned the ignition key and waited, half-expecting the car not to start.’
• 3.5 Computing A field in a record which is used to identify that record uniquely.
• Unique key, a superkey in database relational modeling and implementation
• ‘After bath, brush and lotion, we were keyed up so it took about 20 minutes to calm down and go to sleep.’
• ‘The classroom teacher rated each test using answer keys, while the second author independently scored all tests.’
• ‘His to-the-camera monologues are absolutely the best thing about the film (for those who aren’t keyed into the Manchester music scene, that is).